"A year ago, several of the recently Awakened were brought together by the hand of destiny in time to witness the devastation wrought in the wake of a great metaphysical event known as the Avatar Storm. With patient effort, this cabal lent their strengths to the task of rebuilding Atlanta‚Äôs Awakened community and the Gate through which many of that number were lost and stranded in the Supernal Realms, and might yet be rescued. Through skill and force-of-arms, these young willworkers succeeded in their quest, overcoming the likes of a renegade changeling queen’s seizure of power, and a technomancer’s insane attempt to create the lands of myth. Though these victories were ultimately not without cost to their hearts and souls, this small alliance of modern-day magicians survived to tell the tale.

Upon the eve of 2012, a new threat emerges to threaten not only the world they know but the world yet to be. From the depths of ancient secrets and the resurrection of forbidden lore, out of the fragmented histories of lost continents and the occult conspiracies of the dark realms, comes a horror out of space and time even the supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness must fear, for it is The End of All That Is.

Against the oncoming maelstrom, they must set themselves…"

Against The Unnamed